Many of us rely on simple car cleaning techniques for our cars. Some people perform a quick rinse every morning and leave it at that, while others may use domestic detergents. The truth is that your car requires a lot more attention and detail while it's being cleaned. Car cleaning should be professionally done just the way a mechanical problem requires a mechanic.

Why do we need to take care of car body?

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It's not very difficult to keep your vehicle looking good. With regular care even a very old car can look new. How old, do you think, is this vehicle in the left image? Looks nice, doesn't it? This Mercedes-Benz is 15 years old, with almost 300,000 km (186,000 miles)! More than that, it has never been repainted - this is its original paint. Now look at the right image, this three-year-old car is already corroded through. It's a big difference, isn't it? If you planning to keep your car longer, the car body needs as much care as the engine or transmission So, how to keep your car's body in good shape? How to keep it shiny?

Wash your car

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Wash your car regularly Clean the leaves from under the hood

Wash your car regularly - I'd recommend to do this at least once a month. Things like bugs, bird's dropping, or limestone dripping damage the paint leaving permanent stains if not washed off in time. When the car is clean, all the moisture dries up quickly, but when it's dirty, the moisture accumulates in dirty areas causing corrosion.

At least once in a while use a pressure wash - you can find a pressure wash at Petrol stations, -Garages and private car wash stations. The pressure was removes the dirt from difficult to reach areas. Don't hold the pressure wash jet too close to the painted surfaces, it can peel off a loose paint.
Your car picks up industrial air pollutants, insects, dust, and bird droppings; and all these go a long way in degrading that expensive paint job.

Here at Amity Equipment, we provide high quality car wash detergents so that your car's precious paint job is assured of maintaining its shine. you will have your car's exterior washed with our high quality high pressure cleaners, shampooed and waxed, and the interior dry vacuumed.